Shinryaku! Ika Musume Wiki
Ayumi Tokita
Ayumi kawaii
Japanese name 常田 鮎美
Romaji Tokita Ayumi
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Occupation Waitress
Status Alive
Mr. Tokita (father)
Miscellaneous Info
Anime Debut Episode 4
Manga Debut Chapter 56
Japanese voice Ayako Kawasumi
English voice Sarah Williams (Season 1)

Allison Sumrall (Season 2)

Ayumi Tokita (常田 鮎美 Tokita Ayumi) is the daughter of The Southern Winds' owner. Though her beauty attracts a lot of customers, she is painfully shy around people, especially men. In order to face people, her father often fits her with a kigurumi mask that looks like Ika Musume.

She occasionally works at the Lemon as a means to improve her sociability and is quite bashful around Eiko. However, she is fine talking to anyone she doesn't consider to be human, which so far includes Ika, Chizuru and Sanae, and can also talk with animals. In the first drama CD, she confesses that if she isn't wearing a kigurumi mask, she can't properly express herself[1].



Ayumi welcomes customers while wearing a maids dress and brass knuckles.

Ayumi is a beautiful teenage girl. Initially she often hid her pretty face behind a mask. When she is part timing at Lemon, she would normally wear either a red bikini and/or Lemon's uniform; though at one time she dressed up as a maid.


Ayumi is very timid, and is shy around men especially. She does appear to be very friendly, and does try her best to please her father. She doesn't fear ghosts because they aren't human.


Ayumi starts to spend more time working at the Lemon Beach House after her father builds a fake Ika Musume. When Eiko notices how Ayumi struggles with talking to people, she thinks it's a self-confidence issue, and trains Ayumi to perform in front of an audience. Ayumi later takes in a stray dog and raises it as her own pet, naming it Futarou. It becomes friendly with Sanae's dog Alex.