• Joeynator3000

    It's about time!!!

    October 21, 2017 by Joeynator3000

    Season 2 is finally being dubbed! Really do hope the quality of the case for the discs are 100 times better, though...Seemed near impossible to actually own the first season.

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  • GangBunTu

    Changing Main Page

    January 5, 2014 by GangBunTu

    In Need of Admin (please read more below) I've removed these sections: What's New? and Latest activity while adding:

    • On the Wiki - added to highlight the contents of this wiki (considering the top menu don't provide much info).
    • Blogs - added as simple means for communication between wikia users.

    I'm forced to use this recourse because only admin can add/edit the navigation menu.

    Based on this wikia only has 6 contributors. Unfortunately, the only admin is no longer available (account has been deleted, rather than inactivity).

    Based on, we can appeal for new admin. As you can read, there are some pre-requisites before a new admin can be appointe…

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