Keiko Furukawa
Keiko furukawa


古川 蛍子


Furukawa Keiko





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Police Officer



Manga Debut

Chapter 275

Voice Actor

Misato Fukuen (Japanese)

Keiko Furukawa (古川 蛍子 , Keiko Furukawa) is a supporting character in the Shinryaku! Ika Musume series. Because she is seen as a police officer, some characters to tend to try use her as a means of protection; mainly Ika Musume against Sanae Nagatsuki.


Keiko is a young woman with purple eyes, and long hair usually tied in a ponytail. Because of her profession, she is most often seen wearing a standard female police uniform, but she has also been seen wearing a blue swimsuit with pink sandals.

Personal LifeEdit

It is unknown where Keiko actually lives, but because she is the neighborhood officer, it can be assumed, she lives locally. She has a hard time keeping things under control, albeit clumsily, but she is incredibly dedicated at her job in terms of keeping the streets safe from crime.


Ika MusumeEdit

When first encountered, Ika Musume was initially confused with her presence, let alone had any understanding of the local law enforcement, which Keiko represents.However, Keiko got suspicious of Ika Musume after judging her appearance, but it was the ink covering that nearly earned Ika her first trip to the police station...until a more serious incident, involving the Three Stooges, made her change her mind. After that shaky start, Ika Musume grew to respect her as a woman of the law who would happily join in any games that Ika and any of the children had in mind.

Eiko AizawaEdit

Eiko would naturally have an understanding of the police and would tend to be relieved when Keiko is out solving the problems, the Lemon Beach House had to cope with in its business days. However, she is concerned with Keiko's amateur behavior as a police officer let alone her uniform when prowling the streets, especially during a hot day.