Kiyomi Sakura
Kiyomi sakura1


紗倉 清美


Sakura Kiyomi




Human (Japanese)

Voiced By:

Kokoro Kikuchi (In Japanese), Carrie Savage (English Dub)


  • Baseball (Won't You Play Baseball?)
  • Karaoke (Won't You Join A Club!?)
  • Kiyomi Sakura (紗倉 清美, Sakura Kiyomi) is a middle schoolgirl who Ika makes friends with after a prank gone wrong. She is the first person who Ika officially makes friends with, and they soon become quite close.

    Anime AppearancesEdit

    Season 1Edit

    She first appeared in Won't You Doorbell Ditch?, where Ika tried to doorbell ditch her mother's house but Chizuru ended up making her stay until her mother answered and assumed Ika was a friend of Kiyomi. She Comes home from club activities early at this moment and is brought to a park by a flustered Ika Musume where they both become close friends.

    She made another major appearance in Won't You Play Baseball?. She was on an under powered baseball team that required more team members and asked Ika Musume to join the team.

    Season 2Edit

    She played a minor role in Isn't That A Love Rival!?, where she was one of the people at the Lemon Beach House socializing with Ika Musume, much to the dismay of Sanae Nagatsuki.

    She played another minor role in Isn't That Tanabata!?, where she was writing her own Tanabata wish. Eiko Aizawa asked her to help Ika Musume make a wish and took Kiyomi's wishing paper without her permission. While Eiko was telling Ika Musume about Kiyomi's first wish, Kiyomi was begging them to give her the paper back. When Ika Musume noticed a secret wish behind Kiyomi's paper (Kiyomi wanted to wish for bigger breasts), Kiyomi charged, snatched the paper, and scribbled out her embarrassing wish.

    She played a major role in Won't you join a club?, where she joined Ika Musume's invasion club.


    Ika MusumeEdit


    She is very friendly towards Ika Musume and is also perhaps Ika Musume's closest friend in the entire series. She does not tend to annoy Ika Musume or to anger her.

    Badminton ClubEdit

    As a third year, she becomes her middle school's badminton club captain. She is very close with two of her juniors: Yuka Nishimura and Tomomi Mochizuki and often seen together. Another junior, Ayano Watanabe occasionally tags along with the other three.