Kozue Tanabe
Kozue tanabe2


Biological Age Unknown (Speculated to be 12-14)


Unknown, apparently a Tako Musume (Octopus Girl)

Voiced By:

Akemi Kanda (Japanese version)
Erika Harlacher (English Dub)


田辺 梢


Tanabe Kozue

Kozue Tanabe (田辺 梢, Tanabe Kozue) is a minor character who first appeared in Isn't This Still A Crisis?.


Kozue Tanabe appears to be the same age as Ika Musume and Kiyomi Sakura. She wears a red dress, which coincidentally, is similar to that of Ika Musume's dress. It is implied that she also comes from the sea, as she has a hat similar to Ika's and makes statements that indicate she isn't human.



So far she has appeared in two episodes.The first episode she appeared was Isn't This Still a Crisis. She talked to Ika Musume, telling her that invading might not be the best thing to do as not all humans are bad. The second episode she made an appearance in was Ink That A Festival, in which she points to Eiko the direction of the lost Ika Musume. She is later seen in the end credits of the same episode. It is indicated that she might be an octopus.


  • The first syllables of her name spell out 'tako' (たこ?), meaning octopus.
  • Some people thought she was Squid Girl's mother since both have similar features and a hat on their heads, Kozue spoke differently than other humans did, and when she talked to Squid Girl, she talked to her like she already knew what her goal was.( She also said "you're not alone up here" which could have implied she's not human)


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