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Lemon Beach House
Lemon exterior
Lemon interior
Vital statistics
Type Beach House
Level < 1 m from sea level
Location Sea shore
Inhabitants Currently none. Ika Musume lived here in early episodes.

The Lemon Beach House (海の家れもん, Umi no ya Remon) also commonly referred to as the Lemon or simply Lemon, is a beach restaurant, and the most prominent workplace in Shinryaku! Ika Musume. It is where Ika Musume made landfall from the sea and declared her invasion plans, only to be strung into working there after breaking a hole in the wall of said beach house. The home of its manager Chizuru Aizawa and her family is on the other side of the road behind the beach house. The beach where Lemon Beach House is situated appears to be Yuigahama beach.

Where the Lemon beach house stands.


Uniform (anime)

Uniform (manga)

All the staff members, excluding Ika, wear the same uniform. The uniform differs between the manga and anime version, though they still share similar qualities.

Both uniforms share a yellow t-shirt and black shorts, In the anime the Lemon uniform has a very simplistic design, almost entirely bland save for a small lemon on the left side, above the chest.
In the manga the uniform is adorned with 海の家 れもん (Beach House Lemon) wordings. Both outfits also involve wearing socks, and wearing tan/white sneakers.

Job Distribution[]

Name Role(s) Start Work
Chizuru Caterer, Manager Episode 1
Eiko Second-in-command Episode 1
Ika Waitress Episode 1
Nagisa Waitress Episode 3 part 3
Ayumi Part-Time employee Episode 7 part 3
Cindy Temporary employee (cover for Ika when absent) Episode 8 part 1
Sanae Temporary employee (cover for Ika when absent) Episode 8 part 1