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Metamerism (off vocal)
Song Info
Japanese メタメリズム (off vocal)
Duration 4:44
Lyric Atsumi Saori
Composition Atsumi Saori
Album Info
Name Metamerism (Album)
Track 3
Release Nov 26, 2010
Catalog LHCM-1083
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Metamerism (off vocal) is the instrumental version of Kanae Ito's song "Metamerism ".

In colometry metamers are colors that match under different spectral power distributions. To better understand the concept, it would be easier to see what is not:

  • Illuminant metameric failure is sometimes used to describe situations where two material samples match when viewed under one light source but not another. A classic example is in automobiles: the interior fabrics, plastics and paints may be manufactured to provide a good color match under a standard light source (such as the sun), but the matches can disappear under different light sources (fluorescent or halide lights).

Full impact of this song is felt after watching Shinryaku! Ika Musume Episode 5 - Mini Ika part: the bond of friendship between Eiko Aizawa and mini Ika Musume feel so real.
Just as metameric color matches under different lights, their friendship remains true in sickness and in health, enduring the test of time until the last moment of Eiko's life.