Sanae Nagatsuki


長月 早苗


Nagatsuki Sanae


Unknown, High school age


Human (Japanese)

Voiced by:

Kanae Itō

Catch Phrase:

  • "Ika-chan!"
  • Abilities:

  • Photography
  • Likes:

  • Ika Musume
  • Dislikes:

  • Kiyomi Sakura
    Someone being with Ika Musume
  • Relatives

    Alex (Pet)

    Sanae Nagatsuki (長月 早苗, Nagatsuki Sanae) is a primary character in the Shinryaku! Ika Musume series.

    Personal LifeEdit

    Sanae lives in Eiko and Chizuru's neighborhood. She has a pet dog named Alex, which she mainly focused most of her attention to. She eventually develops a huge crush on Ika Musume, implying she may be gay. She often tends to go to extraordinary measures to have "Ika-chan" but is always rejected and normally is injured by Ika.


    Sanae Nagatsuki appears to be a high school-level adolescent. She has brown eyes and is a brunette. She usually wears a green or pink-colored tank top with spaghetti straps and a blue flannel-like skirt with red tennis shoes. She wears a white head band on her head.



    Sanae happily being injured by Ika

    Ika MusumeEdit

    Sanae has an obsessive crush over Ika Musume, much to Ika's dismay. She is constantly taking pictures of Ika, at first in cosplay, then in canon. She's always trying to get intimate with her. She often calls her "Ika-chan!" (in English sub, it's "Little Ika" and in the English dub she calls Ika "Squiddie") which warns Ika, who usually prevents Sanae from attacking her by injuring Sanae with her tentacles or fins. Sanae's typical response to this is masochistic pleasure.

    Her behavior towards Ika is no exception in the "Double Trouble" Squid Girl Pixton Crossover series by Pixton comics Artisan Themilkyway. After being trapped in suspended animation and sent forward in time to the timeline of the new Squid Girl, Sanae continues to have an obsessive crush on both Squid Girls, trying to force Ika to eat her "Love Nectar", and getting in the way of the heroic future Squid Girl, who dislikes her and constantly tries to protect herself and Ika from her, referring to her as a pervert and a stalker.


    • Kiyomi Sakura is oblivious to Ika's awkwardness towards Sanae - assuming both are close friends[1].
    • She is more affluent than Aizawa family and has the latest consoles. Therefore (despite Ika's reluctance) Ika visits Sanae's place from time to time to play games[1].
    • Her room is loaded with Ika-related merchandise[1].This shows that she is a fan girl of all things Ika. In fact just as when the Lemon decided to sell some Ika related merchandise to encourage customers, Sanae made a important goal to buy it all.[2].
    • Ayumi Tokita doesn't consider Sanae to be human[3]. In both anime and manga Sanae is shown to have incredible dexterity (akin to Chizuru in avoiding tentacles attack) and the constitution to withstand Ika's continuous pounding.
    • Sanae seems to possess unimaginable amounts of money; as proved by the mass amount of Ika merchandise, the latest in gaming consoles, and cameras. How she could possibly have come by this money is not known.



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