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"Shinryaku! Ika Musume - Episode 02"
Season 1, Episode 2
Episode 2 titles.png
Directed by Jorge Pickels (LATAM) Yasutaka Yamamoto (1st, 2nd, & 3rd seg.)
Written by Jorge Pickels (LATAM) Michiko Yokote (1st, 2nd, & 3rd seg.)
Air date May, 27, 2006 (LATAM, Discovery Kids Toons), Sep 12 2008 (Spain) Oct 11, 2010 (Japan, Bootleg, TV Toyko)
Intro "Shinryaku no Susume"
Outro "Metamerism"
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"Nakama ja na-ika?" (仲間じゃなイカ?)[]

"Wait a Squid, Aren't You on My Side? / Aren't You My Companion?"
Squid Girl meets lifesaver, Goro Arashiyama, though gets annoyed when he does not live up to her definition of guardian of the sea. Squid Girl tries to drown him to show him up, but this in turn prevents him from reaching a kid trapped in a current, so Squid Girl must save her herself.

Based on Chapters 7 and 14.

"Iwawana-ika?" (祝わなイカ?)[]

"Up for a squid-celebration? / Won't You Celebrate?"
After witnessing a birthday party, Squid Girl decides she wants one as well, so Eiko, Chizuru, Takeru and Gorou hold a party for her And then they all play with fireworks.

Based on Chapters 10 and 16.

"Asobana-ika?" (遊ばなイカ?)[]

"Wanna Play with This Squid? / Won't You Come and Play?"
Squid Girl meets Eiko's friend Sanae Nagatsuki, and her dog Alex. After much dispute, she says she wants to be treated equally to Alex. Chizuru then places a collar on her and give her commands. During this, Sanae takes pictures of Squid Girl, and develops a a creepy liking towards her.

Later, when Eiko and Squid Girl go to Sanae's house to visit, Eiko decides to walk Alex, leaving Squid Girl alone with Sanae. She then forces her to cosplay for her personal photo collection.

Based on Chapters 9 and 11.


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  • The credits for this episode add a layer of fireworks to the visual which were not present in the previous episode. This is a reference to the episode's second segment.