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"Shinryaku! Ika Musume - Episode 03"
Season 1, Episode 3
Title 3 episode card.png
Directed by Santiago Hernández (LATAM) Satoshi Ousedo
Written by Jorge Pickels and Santiago Hernández (LATAM) Tsutomu Mizushima (1st and 3rd seg.)
Mariko Kunisawa (2nd seg.)
Air date June, 7, 2006 (LATAM, Discovery Kids Toons), Sep 12 2008 (Spain) Oct 18, 2010 (Japan, Bootleg, TV Toyko)
Intro "Shinryaku no Susume"
Outro "Metamerism"
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"Kowakuna-ika?" (怖くなイカ?)[]

"Aren't you a fraidy-squid? / Aren't You Scared?"
The gang take Squid Girl, who had never heard of ghosts before, on a test of courage at the local cemetery, but she just ends up scaring everyone with her ability to emit light.

Based on Chapter 22.

"Tenteki ja na-ika?" (天敵じゃなイカ?)[]

"You're the squid's sworn enemy, aren't you? / Aren't You My Natural Enemy?"
Squid Girl becomes frightened when inflatable killer whales start showing up around the place, believing they are real, since killer whales are her natural predator. When Takeru asks Gorou to teach him how to swim, Squid Girl tries to teach him to avoid the whales.

Based on Chapters 6 and 24.

"Shin'iri ja na-ika?" (新入りじゃなイカ?)[]

"Squidzooks! Aren't you a new recruit? / Aren't You New?"
A new girl, Nagisa Saitou, joins the stand, though is a bit nervous around Squid Girl, who becomes pleased that someone actually fears her. Her is Similar to Bebe from "Bebé Aventure: They Anime"

Based on Chapters 54 and 55.


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  • This is the only Season 1 episode in which the credits shows Ika in her swimsuit. This is a reference to the second segment.