"Shinryaku! Ika Musume - Episode 08"
Season 1, Episode 8
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Air date Nov 22, 2010
Intro "Shinryaku no Susume"
Outro "Metamerism"
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Byōki ja na-ika? (病気じゃなイカ?)Edit

Aren't you a squiddle under the weather? / Aren't You Sick?
Squid Girl gets a fever, which she believes to be a special squid disease revolving around a craving for shrimp, so Eiko tries to help her stay off shrimp until she gets better.

Shin-nōryoku ja na-ika? (新能力じゃなイカ?)Edit

Ink that a new ability? / Isn't That A New Ability?
Squid Girl learns about the fins on her hat and everyone tries to figure out what they are used for. She also gets into a debate with one of Takeru's friends over sandcastles, shaming his father's sandcastle with one that could move.

Sasana-ika? (ささないか?)Edit

Squidn't you bring an umbrella? / Won't You Use It?
Squid Girl becomes fascinated by umbrellas, believing them to be ideal weapons. After entertaining a crowd with a trick, the umbrella gets run over by a passing vehicle, deeply saddening her until Eiko comes and shares her umbrella with Squid Girl.