"Shinryaku!? Ika Musume - Episode 1"
Season 2, Episode 1
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Air date Sep 26, 2011
Intro "High Powered"
Outro "Kimi wo Shiru Koto"
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Shinryaku shina-ika!? (侵略しなイカ!?) Edit

Who's Up For A Squid-vasion?! / Aren't You Going To Invade!?
After renewing her resolve to invade mankind, Squid Girl suspects various things to be countermeasures against her.

Koigataki ja na-ika!? (恋敵じゃなイカ!?)Edit

Ink That's A Love Rival?! / Isn't That A Love Rival!?
Later, Kiyomi and her friends come to the Lemon to see Squid Girl, much to the dismay of a very jealous Sanae.

Kurage ja na-ika!? (クラゲじゃなイカ!?)Edit

Making A Few Squid With Jellyfish / Isn't That A Jellyfish!?
When the sea becomes filled with jellyfish, the Lemon holds a contest to see who can catch the most jellyfish.