"Shinryaku!? Ika Musume - Episode 2"
Season 2, Episode 2
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Air date Oct 3, 2011
Intro "High Powered"
Outro "Kimi wo Shiru Koto"
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Shōgakkō Ikana-ika!? (小学校に行かなイカ!?)Edit

Shall We Swim To An Elementary School?! / Won't You Go To Elementary School!?
Squid Girl joins Takeru to elementary school, where the teacher becomes jealous of her popularity. When some bullies take over the playground, Squid Girl challenges them to a game of soccer, which proves tricky without her tentacles.

Kosupure ja na-ika!? (コスプレじゃなイカ!?)Edit

Squid In Cosplay?! / Won't You Cosplay!?
Eiko tries dressing up Nagisa as a guy to attract female customers, which also stops Squid Girl's teasing. Ayumi also comes to work again, being dressed in a maid's outfit equipped with a metal knuckle to overcome her shyness. However, they both stop after Ayumi's father points out this isn't solving the core issues.

Karukuna-ika!? (軽くなイカ!?)Edit

Floating Above Sea Level / Aren't You Lighter!?
Eiko and Chizuru are surprised to find Squid Girl has the ability to change her weight at will, leading to some odd experiments.