"Shinryaku!? Ika Musume - Episode 7"
Season 2, Episode 7
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Air date Nov 21, 2011
Intro "High Powered"
Outro "Kimi wo Shiru Koto"
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Motenasana-ika!? (もてなさなイカ!?) Edit

Care To Squidertain Our Guests?! / Won't You Come For Dinner!?
Ayumi's father invites the Aizawas to have dinner at his house, where Squid Girl and Eiko find his unique hospitality to be quite awkward.

Kioku Sōshitsu jana-ika!? (記憶喪失じゃなイカ!?)Edit

Ink That Amnesia?! / Isn't That Amnesia!?
Squid Girl falls down the stairs and loses her memory. As the others try to make up memories for her, she regains them after she tries to force her hat off and sees her life flash before her eyes.

Nyūbu shina-ika!? (入部しなイカ!?)Edit

You Porpoise Joining The Club?! / Won't You Join A Club!?
Squid Girl decides to set up an 'Invasion Club' with Kiyomi and her friends, where they go out to various places to 'invade'. Squid Girl becomes worried about the club when Kiyomi becomes absent with a cold, but they all decide to visit her and invade her house too.