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Shinryaku! Ika Musume Wiki is a place to share common passion about Ika Musume (English: Squid Girl) universe introduced by Masahiro Anbe in Jul 2007 as manga serialization. This universe gets more exposure after Diomedea studio adapted it into anime Oct, 2010.
One line summary: Coming from the bottom of the sea to invade mankind, Ika Musume (also known as the squid girl) learns about friendship and the joy of living a mundane life (watches TV, reads manga, plays video game, goes to the park, etc).
It's a slice of life entertainment that hopefully brighten your life as it has been doing for ours.


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Ika Musume
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Drawing Squid Girl イカ娘 描いたよ。

Drawing Squid Girl イカ娘 描いたよ。

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