Shinryaku! Ika Musume
Volume 1
Chapters: 1 - 20
Publication Dates
Japan July 2007
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Chapter 1 - May I Invade You?Edit

Angered by the pollution in the seas, Squid Girl comes from the sea and declares the invasion of Earth at a nearby yakisoba stand, but is not taken seriously due to her small stature. Trying to swat a mosquito, she accidentally made a hole in the shop. She is then forced to work by Eiko Aizawa to pay for her damages.

Chapter 2 - May I Vomit? Edit

The next day, Squid Girl tries to introduce herself to Chizuru Aizawa, Eiko's older sister. In trying to do so, she accidentally sneezes out ink in Chizuru's face. Chizuru tastes the ink, and says it's perfect. She asks Squid Girl is she can pour some on spaghetti.Mush to Eiko's dismay, it tastes delicious.

Chapter 3 - May I Run? Edit

While carrying a case of bottles outside, Squid Girl feels like someone is following her. She tries to run but it is revealed to be a little boy. Despite trying to lure off the kid, he want to play with Squid Girl. Squid Girl sees this as a chance to make him her underling. The boy agrees, and follows Squid Girl to the Lemon. Squid Girl goes into a big shock when she learns the little boy is Eiko's little brother, Takeru Aizawa.

Chapter 4 - Gathering Squid? Edit

Squid Girl is starring into the sea and calls it beautiful, when a guy litters right in front of her. Squid Girl gets angry and throws the can right back to the guy. Eiko tells her to stop it because there are better ways to show her dissatisfaction. Angry that humans are "low-life creatures", she goes to scout the beach for more trash on the ground. She's disgusted that there is even more trash on the ground, so she then decides to clean it herself with her tentacles. She notices that after she starting cleaning, others have as well. After cleaning the beach, Eiko tells Squid Girl to begin separating the trash, when Squid Girl asks "What about these?" while she has a litterer, a peeper, and a filterer tied up in her tentacles.

Chapter 5 - Isn't this A Chance? Edit

It's a rainy day, so the Lemon does not have any costumers. Squid Girl notices that there are no humans besides Eiko and Chizuru. Squid Girl sees this as a chance to take over the shop. After Chizuru goes into the back to clean up, Eiko tells Squid Girl too clean up to, to which Squid Girl responds with no. Eiko responds by reminding her in what position she is in. Squid Girl then grabs her with her tentacles in the air, to which Takeru feeling jealous because he think Eiko is playing. Squid Girl grabs him too, and Squid Girl says Chizuru is next. Eiko warns Squid Girl to not do it, but she ignores it and goes after Chizuru once she enters the picture. Chizuru dodges and cuts Squid Girl's tentacles with a knife. She then opens her eyes wide and warns her to never lay a hand on her family again, otherwise, her tentacles won't be the only thing cut off. Squid Girl is so overpowered that she starts crying and begs for forgiveness. The next day, Squid Girl's tentacles grew back, and once she and Eiko start bickering, Chizuru appears and asks if they are getting along, to which both respond "of course" nervously.

Chapter 6 - My Worst Enemy-ika? Edit

One day, while working, Ika asks how long does she have to work if the wall has already been fixed. EIko responds with "around 5-6 years". Squid Girl gets upset, but gets interrupted when Takeru comes and asks to "borrow" Squid Girl. They go to swim in the ocean, and Squid Girl notices many inflatable killer whales. She becomes frightened because she thinks they are real.

Chapter 7 - Aren't you a comrade? Edit

Gorō Arashiyama is introduced and sees Squid Girl with a bunch of kids around her. He protects the kids from Squid Girl, who she believes he is protecting her. He tells her he was not protecting her but the kids, to which she replies "Who are you?" They both state their names and that they are protectors of the sea. They both shake hands are they believe they are in the page, when they are not. Squid Girl then asks Gorō to show her what a life-saver does.

Chapter 8 - Aren't you burnt? Edit

It's a sunny day, and Eiko and Chizuru notice that there are many people tanning. Eiko wonders where Squid Girl is, and goes to look for her. She notices that Squid Girl is laying face down on the ground. Eiko asks what is she doing, and Squid Girl replies that she wanted to lay down too because everyone else was doing it, and she wanted to see if there want an effect in doing so. Eiko says they are just tanning to darken their skin, to which Squid Girl replies "Why don't they smear themselves with squid ink"? Eiko says that Goro has a perfect tan, and Squid Girl think that is why Goro is buff. She goes off an tries to tan herself, but notices a girl is pouring a liquid on herself. Squid Girl asks her what it is, and she says it's suntanning oil. Squid Girl asks Chizuru for some and covers herself with oil as well.

An hour later, Eiko states that Squid Girl hasn't come back, then it is revealed that Chizuru gave Squid Girl olive oil. When Squid Girl comes back, only her dress and hat got tan.

Chapter 9 - Won't you keep it? Edit

Sanae Nagatsuki comes over the Lemon with her dog, Alex. Squid Girl asks what the creature is, then Alex bites one of Squid Girl's tentacle. Eiko asks "Are you all right?" to Alex, which gets Squid Girl upset. Sanae states that Alex bites things he finds strange. Squid Girl gets upset when Eiko states that he is cute, which Squid Girl feels that way for one second when Alex looks at her. She denies thinking he looked cute, and demands to be treated equally.

Chizuru then puts a collar on Squid Girl and orders her to sit, hand, lie down, to which Squid Girl does all. She gets upset again and says because she is better than humans and dogs, she deserves to be treated better, and demands to be treated as she "should" be. Eiko and Chizuru then tell her shut up and go back to the sea. Squid Girl then says treat her as usual again. Sanae then reveals that she thought Squid Girl looks cuter than Alex.

Chapter 10 - Aren't you going to launch it? Edit

During night, Eiko and Chizuru light some sparklers. While trying to get more, Eiko notices there are some missing. it is then shown that Squid Girl grabbed them and use her nice of her tentacles to hold them up high. One falls on her head, and Eiko pours a bucket of water on her. Chizuru states that she find it odd that she is enjoying the sparklers despite her being fish related, as fire would be seen as scary due to cooking. Takeru yells watch out, as a bunch of firecrackers explode right next to her. Squid Girl screams, thinking she was going to die.

Squid Girl then grabs a box of fireworks and wishes to deploy them, as she thinks they are missiles. Fireworks explode in the air before she did anything. Eiko states that there was a fireworks competition today. Eiko takes the box from Squid Girl, and end the day with some sparklers. Meanwhile, Takeru notices that the box was a dud.