Shinryaku! Ika Musume
Volume 8
Chapters: 134 - 152
Publication Dates
Japan December 20, 2010
Taiwan April 12, 2011
Korea July 25, 2011
Thailand January 6, 2012
Vietnam March 2013
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Table of ContentsEdit

Chapter 134 - Aren't You a Rival in Love?Edit

Kiyomi Sakura and her club mates decides to visit Ika at the Lemon. This development makes Sanae anxious thus she decides to eavesdrop, shifting her chair bit by bit. Caught red-handed, she introduces herself while proclaiming her love for Ika.

Chapter 135 - Are Those Jellyfish?Edit

Noticing jellyfish infested beach, Ika takes the initiative to capture them into plastic bag. She stumbled into Gorō Arashiyama doing the same thing, and her competitive side prompts her to challenge Gorō for a jellyfish collecting contest.
Hearing the exchanges, Chizuru decides to be the judge and expand the contest to be open for all.
Clark wins the contest by duplicating a jellyfish with his Duplicator Ray Phale Gun.
Also in anime

Chapter 136 - Isn't It Candid?Edit

Imitating Candid Camera show, Ika makes a signboard. She reasons that no matter how mean the trick is, once the victim sees the signboard, he/she would start laughing. She drafts Takeru to show the signboard after she performs her trick.
The first prank to surprise Nagisa from behind doesn't have satisfactory result.
The second prank on Cindy Campbell using fart balloon also disappointing because Cindy considers farting is normal human behaviour - nothing to be ashamed of.
After failure upon failure, she decides to go for a showdown, targeting Chizuru.

Chapter 137 - Won't You Save Them?Edit

Ika picks a floating ball using her tentacle upon request from a group of boys. Thinking the tentacle can be utilized to save drowning people faster, Gorō Arashiyama asks Ika to become life saver. To sweeten the deal Gorō Arashiyama shows fried prawn bento that life saver gets for lunch - that Ika promptly eats.
When Gorō reiterated the question, Ika asks "Do I have to get a tan too de geso?" Gorō Arashiyama and Tatsuo Isozaki retort the tan is not a uniform.
For her first job Gorō posts Ika on top of a watchtower, where she yells at people for polluting the beach. Dejected, she decides to quit.
Four boys are drown as their boat overturned. As Gorō Arashiyama and Tatsuo Isozaki swim towards them, Ika manages to rescue all four using her tentacles.

Chapter 138 - Won't You be Welcomed Over?Edit

Ayumi Tokita's father invites Chizuru, Eiko and Ika for a dinner at his house to thank them for Ayumi's progress.
Also in anime, although some details are different, ex: Anime has that creepy bathroom scene

Chapter 139 - Won't You Do Radio Exercise?Edit

Strolling by the beach early morning, Ika observes a group of kids doing radio exercise. She is impressed noticing their transformation; how they came in sleepy and came out refreshed.
She can't get the music out of her head and tries to imitate the movements throughout her working day at the Lemon, causing some problems. With arms stretched skyward Cindy mistakenly assume Ika is communicating with aliens above.
Another move dumps a bowl of ramen into Chizuru's face. Still lost in her imitation, she bows then puts her hands at her waist and bend her upper body backwards. Chizuru interprets her action as a sign of challenge and proceeds to pick up her knife.
The next morning she decides to join the radio exercise. At the end of the exercise the instructor gives her attendance card. Takeru later explains that each day of attendance earns her one stamp and when the card is completely stamped she will get prize - in Takeru's case it was candies.
The next morning Ika presents her attendance card fully stamped with Aizawas stamp.
Also in anime

Chapter 140 - No More Shrimps?Edit

Following trails of shrimps Ika is captured by Cindy's trap. Admitting shrimp as her weakness, she resolves to quit eating shrimp.
After a week of shrimp fasting, Eiko tests her resolve with a plate of shrimps. Ika comments how gross they look and eats them while continuously says how awful they taste.

Chapter 141 - Isn't It a Sunflower?Edit

Ika and Eiko see a patch of sunflowers as they stroll. To Ika's amazement one of them grows taller than 2 m. Eiko suggests to collect the seeds from the tallest flower when they mature and plant them.
One month later the seeds have reach maturity. As Ika visits the patch alone, an elderly lady approaches her. The lady shows Ika how to open a seed and asks her to try one. Ik's mind is conflicted between eating the tasty seeds and Eiko's desire to plant the seeds.
The next morning Eiko and Ika visits the patch together to find there is no seed in sight. Ika feigned ignorance, reasoning it is natural for tasty seed to be gone quickly.

Chapter 142 - Won't You Play Alone?Edit

Takeru finishes his summer homework then invites his friends to play. For one reason and another, none can play with him.
Ika suggests bored looking Takeru to just watch TV and decides to turn it on despite Takeru's reply that there is nothing good on (at that time of the day). As it turns out, Ika is very easily entertained; she laughs at everything: chess match, weather report, period drama and mail order show.
Eiko interrupts and says it would be better to play outside on a sunny day. Both go to the park where Ika instructs Takeru on ways to have fun by himself.
At dinner time Eiko asks why didn't they just play together?
Also in anime

Chapter 143 - Isn't It My Bag?Edit

Chizuru just bought a new bag but, thinking it's too big for casual use, decides to give it to Ika. Ika tries to put in every essential items inside: a pack of frozen shrimps, tissues, bottled water, umbrella, an iron plate in case of meteorite.
The next day Ika brings the bag to the Lemon. Looking at the large bag, Cindy decides to contribute with the tissues she got from train station. A small boy contributes a cool stone and Gorō Arashiyama intends to give an empty pet bottle. Curious, Eiko grabs Ika's bag and inspect it, where she finds:

  • Wireless home telephone (claimed as Ika's cellphone).
  • Wall-mounted clock (claimed as Ika's watch).
  • Eiko's piggy bank (claimed as Ika's wallet).

The next day, as Sanae Nagatsuki comes to the Lemon Ika hides herself inside her bag. Noticing the bag, Sanae happily carry it home.

Chapter 144 - Isn't It Tanabata?Edit

It's tanabata! Eiko ties a section of bamboo tree to a corner pillar supporting the Lemon. Initially Ika wants to hang lots of wishes but Eiko explains that only one wish can be granted. Ika successfully ask a group of boys to make Ika's invasion request, so that she can focus on her selfish request.
However, as she hangs her tanzaku, she reads Chizuru's, Three Stooges's and Sanae Nagatsuki's tanzakus. Realizing what her most treasured thing is, she decides to change her wish.

Chapter 145 - Won't You Go to a Pool?Edit

Kiyomi Sakura and her club mates invite Ika to play at the pool. She has so much fun that when she watches TV reporting about Nagashi Sōmen‎ during dinner time, Ika comments: "I want to slide down de-geso".

Chapter 146 - Won't You Go to Another Summer Festival?Edit

Chizuru, Eiko, Sanae Nagatsuki, Nagisa and Ika go to a summer festival where they meet Gorō Arashiyama and Tatsuo Isozaki. When Eiko comments how lonely the guys look, Tatsuo replies that both of them prefer to pick up some girls. When love-struck Gorō commends Chizuru's look in yukata, Chiruzu replies by wishing him good luck with picking up girls.
As Isozaki tries to pick up Ayumi Tokita, Eiko intercepts and asks Ayumi to join their group. They proceeds to visit Ayumi's father stall that sells Fake Ika masks. When Eiko comments how they don't sell, he replies that he's currently wondering about it himself. Sanae, as a self-proclaimed Ika fan, thinks she should buy one.

Chapter 147 - Isn't It Budha?Edit

The Aizawas and Ika go for sightseeing without telling Ika their destination. Upon reaching, Ika surrpised to see a huge person. Eiko's attempts to explain is stopped by Chizuru, stating it's more fun to watch Ika's misunderstanding continues. Chizuru then proceeds to give wrong explanations.
Also in anime

Chapter 148 - Wanna Dress Up as a Guy?Edit

Eiko notices that Lemon patrons are dominated by males and asks whether Nagisa willing to dress up as a guy. Sanae agrees and the plan works with more girls customers coming in.
When Ika tries to scare Sanae, the latter manages to maintain her cool-guy persona; patting Ika's head, apologize for being busy then suggest Ika to play outside instead. This unexpected response brings Ika to tears.
Also in anime

Chapter 149 - Isn't It a Yellow Card?Edit

Watching a soccer game, Ika is impressed by referee's absolute authority and decides to become one by borrowing Takeru's set. First she gives Tatsuo Isozaki a yellow card for trying to pick up a couple of girls. Sanae Nagatsuki earns the second yellow card for hugging Ika from behind.
Back at Lemon her impersonation continues:

  • Yellow card! for a guy putting an elbow on the table.
  • Yellow card! for another holding his chopsticks wrongly.
  • Since the 1st guy doesn't hold his plate he gets second yellow card that means instant expulsion.

Eiko literally kicks Ika out from the Lemon for Ika's intention to kick a paying customer.
At the beach Ika's judgement continues, liberally handing out red cards. When Chizuru tries to reason, Ika presents yellow card + red card combo that renders opponent invalid. Chizuru counters with a black card with the power to send opponent's cards spiralling into a black hole. Defeated, Ika bows down to Chizuru.

Chapter 150 - Aren't They Fireworks?Edit

The Aizawas, Ika, Sanae, Gorō Arashiyama and Tatsuo Isozaki play fireworks at night. Seeing a big trail in the distance, Eiko wonders who light that one up. From behind Three Stooges reply that is theirs. When Eiko asks how big it is, Harris replies it is 30 m in diameter. Considering Three Stooges's track records, everyone fear the explosion will be devastating.
As the trail disappear, everyone brace for the big bang. When nothing happens, Eiko assumed it was a misfire. Harris reply that the UFO space probe has safely launched into orbit.

Chapter 151 - Won't You Fight?Edit

Eiko yells at Ika for overwriting the her save game and decides not to speak to Ika ever again.
Later that night, Eiko catches Ika sneakily plays the game in Sanae's room. Realizing that Ika played to replace Eiko's lost save game, Eiko decides to reconcile and invites Ika to play together.

Chapter 152 - Isn't It English?Edit

A stranger asks Takeru for the direction to the station; unfortunately Takeru has no idea what the stranger says. Rushing to the Lemon Takeru asks Eiko to teach him. Eiko mentions that for English there is a better suited person.
A few days later Cindy comes to Aizawas to teach English. From the beginning Takeru knows his greetings and an hour in, Ika manages to converse in decent English. This leaves Eiko as the only one with zero English.
When Eiko states that she hates english, Chizuru responds that Eiko and English (Eigo) sound alike.
Also in anime, although some details are different, ex: The anime has Cindy's English + Eiko's Japanese conversations.